Survey & Diagnosis

Each year the NRLs submit data to the EURL on the current aquaculture production, the fish health categorization, the fish disease situation and the laboratory capacity in their country.

The EURL collate this information and present it at the Annual Meeting of National Reference Laboratories for Fish Diseases.

The data are mainly concerned with the surveillance and control of the listed non-exotic diseases VHS, IHN, KHV and ISA but do also concern diagnosis of other diseases. These overviews give an indication of the trends within the Community and Europe, but please notice that they are not officially approved.

The data were collated by the respective NRLs who in many cases passed some of the tasks to the competent authorities in their country. Most of the data are however NOT approved by the competent authorities and can not be used as e.g. documentation for categorization or freedom of certain diseases!

The goal of this collection of data is to obtain an accurate picture of the fish diseases situation in Europe. The data are just shown as we received them. It is not an official document and the EURL do not take any responsibility of the content.

On this page results from Survey & Diagnosis, abstracts and presentations on this topic delivered during the Annual Meetings are available.


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11 JULY 2020